Buying sawmill?

Spring and summer is the time when many owners wished they had their own sawmill.

We have been manufacturing chain and band saws in Lennartsfors for many years and has extensive experience of which model would suit your particular needs..


NEWS- The IronHorse Flex

We are proud to present our new model of The IronHorse with more unique solutions.
See more or click on the above picture for more info.


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News - More maintenance movies

Now the supportside for The IronHorse is upgraded with more manuals, spare part lists and movies from Lennartsfors Play on basic maintenance operations.

New Dealer for UK, Marshall Agricultural Engineering

Marshall Agricultural, Hartfield in East Sussex, started up this year and the first

exhibition was at Lamma Show, Peterborough. It was pretty cold, but for tough Vikings

like Simon and Allan this wouldn't stop them....Good luck in the future and welcome to Lennartsfors AB   

Funding opportunities

We are now in partnership with Nordea Bank, offering our customers attractive financing options. It may for example be a breakdown of payment for up to 60 months or for those with firm also rent or lease of various kinds..

Contact us for a closer discussion.