The IronHorse Classic
 - Your companion in the forest


The Iron Horse is a complete system for forestry, farming and transportation in a varity of terrains. Agility, strength and low ground pressure and make it an environmentally friendly alternative to the heavier machines. Thanks to the wide track it's very gentle on the soil and plants.
Ground pressure with fully loaded machine is lower than of your own weight to the ground and where you can walk the machin.




Program of Models

Classic Jakt Edition


Järnhästen Classic Jakt Edition är en basmodell för dig som vill ha en enkel maskin för terrängtransport och som du själv kan utrusta enligt dina önskemål. Standardmodellen har diffspärr och motvikt och uppfällbar styrspak för att underlätta körningen. Maskinen levereras med 5,5 hk eller 9 hk Hondamotor.

Tillsammans med vårt specialutvecklade älgflak eller vår älgvagn är detta vad som i dagligt tal kallas för "Älghästen ".




Classic Forest Edition


If you want to use the IronHorse for heavy forestry with the option of a powerful winch you should take a close look at this model.
This is a true workhorse – a product that delivers impressive performance.
It shares the same basic design as the base model but is also equipped with timber bunk, restraining strap, extension stakes, load guard, chainsaw holder and storage box. Available with 5.5, 9.0 or 13 hp Honda engine. Accessories include a fast and powerful motorised winch with a hauling capacity of up to 1,000 kg, plus hydraulic pumps in a range of capacities.




The IronHorse Classic with hydraulic crane




Whith a telescopic loader
A highly effective tool for heavier forest work and harvesting timber for fuel, as well as professional landscaping. Specially developed for the IronHorse.
Also ideal for ditch digging A Pro model fitted with a telescopic loader crane opens up many additional applications: excavation, ditch digging, guiding felled trees, earth auger, etc.