Järnhästen(or the "Iron Horse" ), is part of Lennartsfors DNA and a product we have been working with since the 80s. The product is constantly evolving and several models have been developed, but we stick with the concept of smaller, efficient, robust machines for transport in difficult terrain. 



With one of the Järnhästen models as a base and with several newly developed attachments, you as a customer get possibilities that you never thought possible! There are lots of uses for Järnhästen. Common to all machines is the good off-road capability, the Swedish-built quality, the smart accessories and the power of the machines.

A warmer climate is affecting the use of larger machines for certain tasks in forests and fields.

With reinforced rubber tracks and its compact dimensions, the arborists choice is a Järnhästen Essence.

A classic for moose and reindear hunting, the accessibility in both wetland and hilly environments is unrivalled. 

Attach a flail mower and turn the Iron Horse into a powerful grass and snow robot.

The Iron Horse has long been used as a carrier of both cargo and specially developed tools. 

The need for fast and safe handling of hoses, pumps and power sprayers is only increasing, especially during forest fires.

With several different attachments, a contractor can with the base machine perform a variety of tasks.


Järnhästen Essence

The choice

for niche products

Developing, manufacturing and selling machines and products for off-road and on-road transport is our passion. Järnhästen and Norsjö Moped are our most important brands. 


We have now launched our new website which we hope will provide a better experience and contain more information for those who want to know

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Here you can see which fairs we will be attending in 2022. The machines we will be showing are the IronHorse Flex and the new Radio-controlled IronHorse Essence 6 May -

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