With the Iron Horse in South America

We are proud that the Iron Horse is used in many applications.
A particularly exciting area is the geotechnical companies' need for transportation in roadless terrain and under tough conditions.

Geotechnical companies in South America face major challenges in carrying out work in the diverse and complex geographical environment. The top priority for these companies is to have a reliable transportation solution that can navigate through inaccessible terrain. One machine that meets these requirements is the Iron Horse. We examine how geotechnical companies in South America use the Iron Horse to successfully transport materials and equipment in difficult conditions.

The challenges of geotechnical work in South America

South America is known for its unique geotechnical challenges, where difficult terrain, extreme weather conditions and inaccessible locations are common. Carrying out successful geotechnical projects in these environments requires robust and reliable means of transportation that can effectively address these challenges. During a geotechnical investigation to look for metals, minerals or other deposits, there are often no roads and no access to other infrastructure.

Applications of the Iron Horse in geotechnical projects

The Iron Horse has become indispensable for geotechnical companies in South America and is widely used to transport materials and equipment to and from hard-to-reach job sites. With its agility and power, the Iron Horse can navigate through mud, rocky surfaces and steep terrain without getting stuck or losing traction.

By using the Iron Horse, geotechnical companies can reach remote locations easily. This opens up opportunities for soil investigation, sampling and installation of geotechnical structures in places that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to reach.

Benefits of using the Iron Horse in geotechnical projects

The benefits of using the Iron Horse in geotechnical projects are numerous and extensive. Some of the most significant benefits include:

The iron horse is designed to withstand the most demanding conditions and has a proven track record of reliable performance in South America's off-road conditions.

Through its ability to reach hard-to-reach places, the Iron Horse saves time and money for geotechnical companies by avoiding the need for transportation by other, more costly means of transport or manual labor.

The iron horse is designed to be rebuilt or supplemented with various accessories and adapted to the unique needs of each project. The small dimensions but large load capacity also make it easy to transport to the various sites, for example by helicopter.


The iron horse is a valuable companion for geotechnical companies in South America. Its reliable performance, robustness and ability to withstand difficult-to-access locations make it an invaluable tool for transporting materials and equipment in the challenging geographical environment of South America.
With the Iron Horse, geotechnical companies can efficiently execute their projects and meet the challenges of this geographical area.

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