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During and especially after a forest fire, many people work extremely hard to handle hoses, pumps and other equipment, often in difficult terrain. Several local fire departments have found that the Iron Horse can be used for a variety of firefighting tasks. As a preventative measure, an Iron Horse with the right accessories can also be used by, for example, a forestry company when operating larger machinery in drier weather.


Essentially, the Iron Horse is an all-terrain tool carrier that can be equipped with a range of accessories and adaptations, creating the opportunity to leverage a basic investment for a variety of uses. In firefighting, there is a strong need for a mobile piece of equipment that can be quickly reconfigured for the situation at hand

Transport of high-pressure portable fire pumps

With the custom-made off-road trailer, one person is enough to set up heavy portable pumps.

Hose handling
with hose reel

The hydraulic hose reel makes it quick and easy to retrieve large quantities of hose. Then pack the hose directly into the cassettes and you're ready to go again.

Remote controlled

5000 L/min at 10 Bar and a throw length of about 100 m. As the whole unit is radio controlled, the operator can work at a safe distance from the fire.

500 litres X-Fog
with pump

After the extensive forest fires of 2018, KEFAB from Oviken in Jämtland has now developed its own specially adapted version of the iron horse for firefighting.
Off-road machinery for


By exploiting the unique features of our Iron Horse models in cooperation with leading firefighting companies, we can offer a complete system for forest fires or other area fires, for example.

more time for extinguishing

The compact dimensions and wide range of accessories of makes it easy to transport to the workplace. On site, it can easily be operated and configured as required.

don't wear, drive

The low pressure on the rubber tracks minimises the need for restoration work on sensitive soil. If you choose the Essence model, you can really sneak up on your machine without damage.

order of the hoses

The unique terrain characteristics allow you to access difficult areas with the same machine. The integrated winch further increases the reach.

protect staff

Both the Flex and Essence models can simplify the time-consuming task of handling twigs and branches with the specially developed grapple.


Järnhästen is basically a tool- and transport carrier which allows you to use it as a mini skid steer, loader and working machine through its various accessories.


With Järnhästen as a platform, the customer has the opportunity to create a completely unique solution. We often help our customers to create their own accessory solutions that give them a great competitive advantage.




The Järnhästen Essence concept is based on a flexible basic machine with great possibilities for variants and different accessories. We have developed a number of basic attachments and more are in the pipeline. In addition, you as a customer can use the all-round attachment or even develop your own. Please contact us if you have specific requirements and we will try to help with specifications, advice and tips.

Accessory lift

The accessory lift is equipped with float position, third function and with an Avant/MultiOne mount. It is also possible to mount a universal mount.

Platform cart

The all-terrain trailer can be equipped with a response platform to be able to carry what is normally needed in, for example wildfires.

Loading platform

Cargo space The iron horse platform allows large volume and weight to be loaded directly onto the machine.

Mobile ventilators

Flue gas ventilation Iron horse equipped with L105 ventilation unit with a capacity of up to 600 000 m³/h. B.S. Belüftungs-GmbH in Germany manufactures and installs the units on the Iron Horse to better access complex residential and industrial buildings.

Standard platform for forest plants

Plantflak The large planter is equipped with a hydraulic hose reel to assist with both laying and retrieving hose in the forest.

Load changer with rapid and safe operation.

In a simple way, and without heavy lifting. With the cargo gear system, you can quickly pick up and drive out pre-packed modules with e.g. aprons, safety and fire equipment, tools etc.

Fire hose system

The iron horse is easily equipped with a 50 mm towing ball and can then move smaller off-road wagons in the most demanding terrain. The hose system (Quickbag/SVEBAB) shown in the picture holds 1100m of 42/38 and 900m of 25mm hose. With the Iron Horse, you can lay out that distance in just under 20 minutes.

Trailer for heavy loads

Carriage for heavy loads The trailer is easily adapted for the transport of various types of motorised sprayers (KL3). The wide wheelbase, together with the specially adapted bogie, allows the vehicle to follow the Iron Horse unhindered through the terrain with a 1000 kg load.

More ideas..

The iron horse can be used to launch the rescue boat at lakes where the surrounding terrain makes it impossible for ordinary wheeled vehicles to reach.

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