Who is

Lennartsfors AB is a well-managed company, located in western Värmland, whose owners, management and other employees are constantly working to develop, manufacture and sell small vehicles and machines for transport, mainly off-road but also for road. We have access to modern equipment for welding, laser cutting, edge bending, powder coating and assembly which makes us flexible and quality conscious. It also means sustainable manufacturing with less transportation.

Vision and values

With our long-term vision "The natural choice for niche products" we mean to reach a position with our customers where we and our products are seen as a natural choice, which means that we have come so far in our development that we, for example in procurement and product development, are always considered an alternative with our sometimes slightly odd products. This also means that the opportunities for growth are increasing faster.

Among the guiding principles that reflect our values are: honesty, enthusiasm, sustainability and situational awareness.

Manufactured locally in Lennartsfors

We manufacture Järnhästen in our factory in Lennartsfors, Årjängs municipality, where we use a modern machine park and dedicated employees to laser cut and bend sheet metal, weld, powder coat and assemble our products.
We work intensively with product development and design and draw most of the products with our own resources.
Where possible, we choose local or Swedish suppliers for components we cannot manufacture ourselves.

In addition to our own products, we also carry out subcontracting, mainly laser cutting, edge bending and robotic welding 

Want to know more?

Contact us for more information. You can reach us via the form below or call us on +46(0)573-392 00.

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