The classic red basic model with standard tracks mainly for hunting and light forestry.
Hunting models

Classic Hunting

When ordering, you choose between Moose plane or Moose trailer.

On the Hunting models you can choose between the Elk Plane or the Elk Trailer. This is the Elk Plane

Drive Classic standard drive belt

Manual winch


Classic forest

Winch Really strong motor winch with 20m, 6mm wire,
throw block and safety hook

Manual winch

Load protection

Timber beam self-relieving

Chainsaw holder

Drive Classic standard drive belt


Attachments and options

The Järnhästen Classic concept is based on a flexible basic machine with great possibilities for variants and different attachments.
We have developed a number of basic attachments and more are in the pipeline. In addition, you as a customer can use the all-round attachment or even develop your own accessories. Please contact us if you have specific requirements and we will try to help with specifications, advice and tips.

The platform is easily mounted on the Iron Horse. with the large tail board down folded, it is easy to use the winch to load off the ground.

Loading tool for the Moose bin
Art.no: 531 0140-67

Lifter for easier loading on the platform. Makes the moose's head fall further up towards the engine and gives you a better balance when driving in terrain.

Engine protection plate
Part No: 531 0140-68

Engine protection that protects the engine and exhaust system against blood and dirt from, for example, a moose that has been placed on the engine. (Not 13 Hp)
The trailer is mounted with a joint mount on the machine and can be adjusted in height by turning the wheel bars 180 degrees. Through the low height at the rear, it is very suitable to winch up loads from the ground as eg. transporting a moose.
Motor winch to JärnHästen comes complete with 20 meter wire with hook on wire. The motor winch includes slants, pulleys, belts and belt guards. The load cover is integrated with the winch. The traction is 700 Kg – 1000 Kg.

Removable LED lighting
Art.no: 531 0143-91

Removable REchargeable LED Lighting incl. bracket for JärnHästen. Use as working lighting when driving with JärnHästen or remove the lamp and hang it up at the workplace. Relatable Lumen 1000/2000 5000K Li-ion battery 7.4v – 8.8 Ah IP44 Dimensions 193x132x216 mm

Heavy duty winch
Art.no: 531 0144-12

This powerful hand winch is suitable when you don't have a motor winch on your Iron Horse. The hand winch is delivered with a reinforced attachment and 20 meters of wire and hook. Pull force 500 Kg

Protective covers
Art.no: 501 3979-02

Shape sewn protection cover specially adapted for JärnHästen. Protects engine and control lever during transport and storage outdoors

Service kit
Item no.: 5310144-30

Service kit for Järnhästen Classic and Flex, which are manufactured after 2017 onwards. Suitable for Tiil IH2090PW/IH2013PW with motor winch. Variator belt, belt fot the motor winch, spark plug. throttle cable, brake cable

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