Iron horse as vehicle platform at Environmental Mechanics AB

An excellent example of how the Iron Horse can be used in a large number of exciting applications!

Environmental Mechanics AB Swedish or ENVI is a Swedish manufacturer and supplier of CPT probes, loggers for the collection of drilling data in gelogical surveys. They have equipment for CPTu, so called wing tests and perform seismic and resistivity tests. The iron horse is used as a vehicle platform when Envi was launched on the geotechnical market in autumn 2018 as: "Envi Compact Crawler".

The equipment and the Iron Horse together weigh less than a ton and, despite their light weight, are capable of delivering 20 tons of crushing force. The load compartment of the machine holds up to forty 1-meter CPT steels and performing CPT tests can be easily done by one person. The crawler enables off-road travel super easily and simply. The wide belts also allow the Crawler to travel on very soft ground. The powerful integrated anchoring system makes setting up at the drilling point quick and easy. The machine is also prepared to use the Envis Memocone CPT and Memovane Vane Ving test equipment

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