Help in the fight against the spruce bark Beetle!

The Bark beetle is the insect that does the most damage to our spruce forests. The dry summer of 2018 has led to major attacks in particular the southern parts of Sweden. In 2019, it is therefore important that forest owners continuously inventory affected areas to prevent further spread of the Bark beetle.

The Bark beetle is approximately 4 millimeter in length. There are about 90 species of Bark beetles in Sweden. Nearly 30 of them can live on spruce,  spruce bark beetle is the only one that can kill large healthy spruce trees.

Attacks by Bark beetle can be identified throughout the year, but it is especially important to look out for fresh injuries from May to August.

Harvesting of forest at risk

A spruce forest at risk was already in the last season was affected by the Bark beetle, or has very short top shoots and sparse crowns. Most often these trees stand on land that are too dry or too wet for the spruce to thrive.

The purpose of the harvesting is to reduce the availability of particularly easily infested spruce trees in the landscape, as well as to save the timber value in the log.

If the stand is harvested before the start of spring warming around 1 May and transported to the industry within 5-6 weeks or at the latest by 30 June, the wood automatically acts as trapwood and large numbers of spruce bark beetles accompany the wood to the industry and are killed there. Read more on the Swedish Forest Agency's website click here!

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