Forestry project


With the Forest Life project, we aim to revolutionize forestry by optimizing logistics and working conditions. With a focus on efficiency and sustainability, the project explores innovative solutions in planting logistics and forest worker conditions through practical tests and collaborations to meet the growing needs of the industry and the environment.
The solutions already developed, and new innovations in the project, are characterized by simplicity and practicality.

Improving forest management and sustainability

Skogsliv, aims to strengthen the forest industry, environmental sustainability and working conditions for the forest worker. The project is structured in three phases, focusing on logistics from road to harvesting area, adaptations for year-round use and development of planting logistics. The primary target group is professional forest management companies with year-round involvement in the forest.

Main objectives:

  • Achieve a planting result that meets requirements for plant quality, planting point accuracy, quantity and economy.
  • Improve logistics for plants and vehicles.
  • Improve health and ergonomics for planters.
  • Explore ways to increase the profitability of forest management companies and the year-round use of equipment.
  • Investigate potential improvements to the forest environment and assess sustainability aspects.

Save 1 hour per day per person!

Practical tests have been carried out involving teams of four planters and a supervisor, over seven working days and covering over 40 ha. The equipment used was the Iron Horse, a remote-controlled Essence, equipped with a customized planting platform and a trailer for transporting seedlings.A total of 11,000 seedlings were planted.

"The most significant result was an increase in efficiency of 1 hour/day/person due to faster transportation and more efficient plant transport across the harvesting area ."

The use of the Iron Horse also did not affect the ability to find a suitable planting point and showed the importance of mobility in the work of forest management companies.

The project also highlighted the potential to facilitate recruitment and adaptation to new environmental regulations by reducing lifting and carrying, making it easier to recruit and retain skilled workers.

Skogsliv continues to explore practical solutions that benefit the forest industry, particularly in regeneration work, while complying with upcoming environmental regulations and adapting to trends such as limited harvest sizes and growing interest in no-felling forestry.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about the project and how you can already use transport solutions with the Iron Horse, contact our product manager Peter Rodin.  

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