Paysalia and Rocalia Fair Lyon, France

The Paysalia and Rocalia fair in Lyon, held every two years, is the largest fair of its kind for the landscaping and gardening sector in France. Lennartsfors AB was there together with our long-time partner, Innovation et Paysage.

Already at the airport in Lyon, I was greeted by several signs and stands with representatives from the Paysalya exhibition, explaining in helpful English how best to get to the exhibition area. Half an hour's taxi ride later and after being crowded with thousands of other exhibition visitors, I finally reached our friends at the Innovation et Paysage exhibition stand, where I was warmly welcomed by the owner Frank Jacob and his large team of very friendly and competent staff.

A faithful and passionate distributor of the Cheval de Fer - The Iron Horse

Innovation et Paysage, which is one of Lennartsfors oldest distributors, has built up a large network of sales representatives in all regions of France and it was clear that this was a well-oiled machine. All employees pulled their weight and were in conversation from arla to särla every day of the fair. There was also a Classic Forest, or as the French say: Cheval de Fer. This was diligently displayed and explained in detail to interested visitors.

Over the years, Innovation et Paysage has built up a wide range of products to deal with all kinds of work encountered in landscaping, water management and forestry in France. It offers machines for clearing work in sensitive aquatic environments through, for example, Swedish Truxor, and a variety of gardening machines for parks and gardens, or for haymaking in alpine environments using special sledges. In such niches, there is often tough competition and other alternatives available, but the traditional Iron Horse is considered to have a unique position, especially in the forestry sector. The Iron Horse is a completely unique product solution in Innovation's product range that is known in forestry circles for its high quality. Through further development of the Iron Horse Essence, Lennartsfors AB has also managed to create a cross-segment solution for other areas in addition to forestry.

Impressions from the Paysalya Fair

During the three days between December 5-7, over 38,000 people visited the Paysalia fair and its 1,732 exhibitors, setting a new record. The high number of visitors was also evident at the stands where there was hardly a moment's peace and quiet. The range of products among the many exhibitors was heavily influenced by remote control concepts for lawn mowers, flail mowers, rotary tillers, plow blades, etc. where drive belts were also a very common feature. This goes hand in hand with the Iron Horse Essence, which is characterized by both remote control and strong drive belts and is a machine in time.


Otherwise, new battery-powered machine options were a major theme at the show, involving everything from large tractors and excavators to small lawnmowers.
An example of one of these innovators was Novum Tech, which develops and produces Li-Ion battery packs ranging from 48V to 800V with a capacity between 4 kWh and 450 kWh. They use a thermalization system to extend the life of the batteries and to be able to use the battery packs in colder environments. A newly built excavator told them it would be sent to a company in Oslo. This would easily be able to dig at -20 degrees. This was just one of many innovators on site, but it promises exciting progress for the future!

Cheval de Fer - a brand that lasts

In any case, the iron horse has become deeply rooted among many users and owners over the years in France, thanks largely to its distributor Innovation et Paysage. 

Both employees from Innovation et Paysage and visitors who have used the Iron Horse were enthusiastic about its strength and durability. The reason why the interest remains today after years on the French market is its solid quality and ease of use. For skilled owners and users, it offers endless possibilities to adapt or rebuild according to their own needs. Clearly a concept that resonates with the French.

We therefore look forward to many exciting years for
Cheval de Fer in France!


Tommy Olsson, Export Manager

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